Registration of choirs and orchestras from outside Estonia for Song and Dance Celebration 2025 starts

From 1 November, all Estonian choirs and orchestras abroad and also foreign choirs and orchestras will be able to register for the XXVIII Song Celebration. Estonian folk dance groups abroad are also invited to take part in the XXI Dance Celebration. Those who want to register need to go to the website and read the terms and conditions, fill in the registration form and the application form. Registration for the celebration is open until 31 January 2024.

Helena-Mariana Reimann, Main Choreographer of the XXI Dance Celebration, says that the biggest news this time is the different approach to the division of group types, based on the staging concept of the XXI Dance Celebration. Estonia has been divided into different regions and application for the party of dancers will this time be based on regions. “So, in addition to the traditional types, the types of the dance celebration will be based on regions,” emphasises Reimann.

The XXVIII Song and Dance Celebration will be held from 3 to 6 July 2025 in Tallinn. The Artistic Director of the Song Festival is Heli Jürgenson, the Main Choreographer of the Dance Celebration is Helena-Mariana Reimann and the General Director of the Folk Music Festival is Helin Pihlap. The organiser of the Song and Dance Celebration is the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration Foundation. MORE INFORMATION.